About Us

Our Story

Premier Marketing Group is a specialized firm founded in 1994 focused exclusively on elevating the value of membership organizations. We offer decades of experience in devising and implementing highly successful marketing, branding, and sales strategies for a broad range of industries. This experience is combined with keen research skills and creativity to help companies stay highly relevant, in-demand, and profitable.

We work with you, our client, to develop fitting brand and revenue-building programs that deliver a positive member experience while addressing your current offerings and programs. We also help you provide member-exclusive benefits at wholesale prices as a superior loyalty building consideration. Having served more than 1,000,000 members, PMG is uniquely qualified to support small to large organizations including leading health club chains, affinity groups, professional associations, buying clubs, camping organizations, points-based clubs, retail establishments, and auto dealerships. Premier Marketing Group is headquartered in Jasper, Indiana, and serves clients nationwide.

Our Mission

To elevate member loyalty and organizational profitability with the design and implementation of outstanding member experiences.

Our Lingo

“Organization”: An organization is any brand, club, membership organization, professional association, subscriber-based entity, or company. Member”: A member is any associate, stakeholder, employee, subscriber, customer, or person associated with an organization and affected by its actions.

Our Team

PMG owners and founders, Nick and Jamie Leidgen, combined with long-standing employees in key positions collectively create a full-service team capable of delivering valuable loyalty and revenue building programs for a diverse and select clientele.

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