Premier Service

Membership, perfected.

remier Marketing Group has collaborated with recognized membership organizations nationwide to notably elevate program value. We further assist businesses and associations that may not have an official membership program but need to nurture and maintain positive rapport with their customer base. With no two organizations exactly alike, our Premier Service is customized to suit each company’s brand, vision, and target market.
We test our assumptions based on experience and proven methodologies, defining and attracting your ideal membership demographic using in-depth market research to gain a solid understanding of your current members‚Äô needs. Discover what your members really want and effectively introduce new and monetize on existing products or services. Proprietary software enables us to engage members simultaneously via print and social media, mobile and web platforms, seminars and more. Premier can help you grow membership demand and retain existing members longer ‚Äď increasing profitability, elevating brand loyalty, and expanding up sell potential.

Our Premier Service includes:

Proven methodologies and in-depth market research‚Äč

Needs assessment based on non-disruptive member interviews and surveys‚Äč

Design of traditional and new market strategies‚Äč

Partnership and alliance formation‚Äč

New product and service introductions‚Äč

Loyalty Rewards Programs‚Äč

Member event management‚Äč

Multi-channel sales and marketing strategy design‚Äč

Plan and program implementation‚Äč

Grow your membership value, your membership base, and your bottom line. Contact us, today, to learn more.

Premier Marketing